How to increase airport safety

Webinar on seals for cable and pipe entries.

Did you know that there are flexible sealing solutions that help protecting airports from hazards and risk factors such as water, fire, electromagnetic interference, and rodents? We invite you to watch the educational Roxtec webinar “Sealing and shielding of airports”.

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This webinar with Roxtec sealing specialists Mike Behary, Transportation Segment Manager Power and Infrastructure, (US) and Dave Gerritsen, Account Manager Infrastructure and Power, (NL) enable you to increase safety and secure operations. They will highlight solutions for handling challenges such water ingress, fire, EMI, and rodents.

Covering many applications

Roxtec is the world-leader in modular-based cable and pipe seals. With our sealing system, you can prevent risks associated with climate change. Use it in substations, de-icing and fuel stations, air traffic control centers, telecom shelters and terminal buildings as well as for instrument landing systems (ILS), landing strip lighting, bird and weather radars and new power technology. Besides certified seals, we offer service and support throughout your project, including transit design software, installation training and quick deliveries. As sealing partner, we can always customize solutions to meet specific demands.

Join our webinar to learn more on:

Operational reliability

Ensure safe, reliable, and continuous airport operation.

Best practice

Meet specific risks with modular-based sealing techniques.

Design efficiency

Design seals for special needs and requirements with ease.

Sharing knowledge with you

Meet our sealing specialists Mike Behary and Dave Gerritsen together with moderator Matilda Fridolfsson. They talk about challenges, risks, and hazards – and present efficient sealing solutions.

Mike Behary

Mike Behary

Transportation Segment Manager Power and Infrastructure

Dave Gerritsen

Dave Gerritsen

Account Manager Infrastructure and Power

Matilda Fridolfsson

Matilda Fridolfsson

Business Area Marketing Manager Infrastructure and Industry

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