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DSME uses the Roxtec Transit Designer™

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DSME, Daewoo shipbuilding and marine engineering in Geoje, South Korea, uses an online engineering tool from Roxtec to reduce risk and save time. The Roxtec Transit Designer™ simplifies the selection of sealing solutions as well as the design of cable and pipe transits.

"It is a very compelling tool. Also, it is an ideal solution for significant cost-savings," says engineer Yongjun Lee who designs for large projects such as the Ichthys FPSO.

Mr. Lee is one of thousands of satisfied users of the web-based application. Before the Roxtec Transit Designer™, he used a non-standardized program when working with multi-cable transits:

"There was no proper tool for calculation of material take off when it came to multi-cable transit accessories before the Roxtec Transit Designer™. In some cases the result was not accurate, so I had to make a rough manual calculation. It caused several problems: delays, inaccuracy, lower reliability of the design team and frequent issues in additional orders.

Mr. Lee has a very good experience of the Roxtec Transit Designer™:

"It is really helpful. I can use the program to drag and drop any existing data such as multi-cable transit data or cable schedules and quickly get to see the accurate result. Also, it is designed for easy use for any beginner."

A filmed interview with Mr. Lee of DSME is available here.

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