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12th International Railway Infrastructure Exhibition

  • Exhibition

Discover why Roxtec has such a strong track record in the rail sector.

The Roxtec cable seal system has been tested and approved by London Underground. You can be sure that our certified solutions protect against fire, smoke, water damage, rodents, gas, humidity, dust and electromagnetic interference.

There are a multitude of applications which benefit from Roxtec's solutions including traction power, signalling and rail control, communications, tunnels and bridges, railway stations and rail yards. Roxtec's pre-configured solutions are tested and certified according to standards such as EN 45545:3 up to E60, EN 45545:2 HL3 and NFPA 130 in order to guarantee long-term protection against multiple risks. We can also create tailor-made transits according to specific needs and requirements.

We offer complete design and engineering services through to installation, training and inspection support. We can help you standardise with our innovative solutions to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective operations. Our solutions make it possible to route multiple cables and conduits of different sizes through each opening in your buildings and equipment while adding cables – without making new holes.