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Data Centres Ireland 2018

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More than a firestop - sealing solutions for data centres.

Roxtec cable and pipe seals protect your data centres and server halls against multiple risks such as fire, flooding and air leakage. You can use them to optimize the facility climate, reduce energy costs and enable expansion while operating.

Within data centre environments the seals can be used for single or multiple cables or pipes, in outer walls, between compartmentalised security zones and in control cabinets. They're adaptable to power, fibre, coax and signal cables, as well as cooling pipes of different sizes and materials.
Removable layers within the sealing modules ensure a perfect fit, and they're ideal for use with pre-terminated cables as there's no need to cut the plugs off the ends of the cable.

Roxtec's team will be based at stand 307 for the duration of Data Centres Ireland 2018, providing advice and answering questions on the company's full range of data centre products.


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