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Roxtec transit safety services

Make sure your ships and rigs are fully protected.

Roxtec transit safety services

Our sealing experts perform visual inspections, recommend corrective actions and register cable and pipe transits on marine and offshore units all over the world.

Ensure safety onboard

When striving to protect life and assets, you need correctly installed and fully functional sealing solutions. As sealing experts, we know how important cable and pipe transits are for your high safety standards. Therefore, we offer transit safety service programs.

We inspect transits onboard operating fleets or offshore units and verify transits on new-builds. We would be happy to share our experience and knowledge with you. Take the next step towards safety  book a meeting. 

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Service program overview

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Experience a transit inspection

We give each cable and pipe transit onboard an ID and perform visual safety inspections with our digital tool, especially developed for registration and full overview. Watch this video and discover the benefits of a Roxtec quality control of cable and pipe transits.  

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Watch this onboard transit inspection video

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