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  2. Roxtec Transit Build™ is here

Roxtec Transit Build™ is here

Roxtec Transit Build™ is here
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Now you can ensure total control and easily document the installation quality of all penetration seals in a shipbuilding or construction process. The newly launched software Roxtec Transit Build™ is a constantly updated tool for systemized quality assurance of each cable and pipe transit in a project. It helps you secure a seamless workflow and hand over a digital transit register including all documents related to installation and certification of seals. Early adopters confirm they reduce their work on penetrations by 60 percent.

Roxtec Transit Build™ is part of the Roxtec Software Suite™, a set of interlinked tools developed to simplify work with design, drawings and certificates as well as with installation, quality checks and mandatory documentation. You are welcome to try the software for free.

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