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Cable transit fire resistance test

Cable transit fire resistance test

Roxtec cable and pipe transits provide proven and certified fire protection performance.

The advanced Roxtec fire test lab is important for the product development process as well as for the pre-certification work. Roxtec test and certificates engineers and test technicians always prepare realistic tests of complete sealing systems to meet requirements and test standards.

Testing at Roxtec - Fire test lab

A fire test requires the right structure, the right transits and the right insulation. A test specimen is built, with installations in for example a gypsum or concrete wall, and then attached to the furnace. Thermocouples are placed on the test object and connected to computers in the control room. Customers or certification authorities can witness the test from the observation platform.

Verification of performance

The test is made to check the seal’s maintenance of integrity and insulation during a determined period, often 60 minutes but sometimes up to four hours. The fire must not burn through, neither result in hot gases igniting on the non-fire side even though the temperature in the furnace exceeds 1 000° C.

Clear results

The temperature is measured all over the test object according to strict standards and can be seen directly on the computer screen. The test specimen is checked throughout the test for possible leak paths or areas of extreme heat and too hot gases.
When it has cooled, it is also examined for possible weak spots as the fire protection experts always strive for improvement and optimization.
The results, presented in graphs and pictures, are helpful for both customers and engineers.

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