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Reliable cable seals for telecom networks

5 reasons for using Roxtec in your telecom upgrade project.

Reliable cable seals for telecom networks

Safety and reliability are crucial for maximizing uptime in all types of telecom networks. Here is why you should specify Roxtec sealing solutions to protect equipment and ensure continuous operation.

You can both increase capacity in newbuild base stations and simplify retrofit and upgrade projects of buildings, shelters, walls, floors, vaults, and cabinets. Roxtec seals are ideal for any type of network:

  • 4G LTE
  • Non-standalone 5G (NSA 5G)
  • Standalone 5G (SA 5G)
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna System)
  • FTTX (Fiber to the X)
  • Fixed Line

1. Protect against multiple risks

Use Roxtec cable and pipe seals to prevent water ingress, humidity, flooding, and frost damage on site. The seals protect against constant pressure for CEV (Controlled Environmental Vaults), FTTX and manholes and provide certified fire protection in line with international standards. They are airtight to enable you to maintain the ideal temperature inside shelters and decrease operational costs. In addition, you can ground cables and protect your site against effects of lightning strikes and electromagnetic disturbances. By using Roxtec seals as a barrier, you can stop rodents and pests from chewing on cables and from causing downtime, signal loss or even the spreading of infectious disease.

2. Optimize the design workflow

Designing cable and pipe penetration seals in an early stage of a project saves time and reduces the risk of late changes or incorrect solutions on site. Roxtec provides a free digital design tool, Roxtec Transit Designer™, which simplifies the design work and provides everything from cable and pipe schedules, drawings and certificates to BIM or CAD files. Roxtec Transit Designer™ users save time, ensure correct configurations, and get a detailed track from the initial design to the end of life of the asset. BIM objects can be downloaded separately, and Roxtec local design engineers are always ready to support you.

3. Benefit from flexibility and efficiency

Roxtec Multidiameter™ is an innovation for flexibility based on sealing modules with removable layers. It reduces the need for bringing installation material to site and makes sure you always have the right product at hand. Multidiameter™ makes the mechanical sealing system adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. It simplifies planning and logistics, speeds up installation work and allows you to manage multiple cable entries in a space efficient way. You have everything you need available to seal all penetrations and can handle late design changes regarding the amount or size of cables in the field. With only a few parts, you get a strong reliable barrier securing long-term operational performance.

4. Simplify quick installation

The Roxtec sealing technology always provides tightly sealed cables and pipes and makes the installation safe and fast. Roxtec frames and modules can be installed any time during the site construction and even in pouring water for underground applications. This allows shelters, cabinets, and buildings to be safely sealed with a reliable and efficient solution before they are equipped with cables and electronics.

5. Simplify upgrades and retrofit work

Sooner or later, your telecom equipment and its cables must be changed. You might need to remove old cables and add new fiberoptic cables. The constant development of new technology and the addition of operators sharing sites bring new challenges. The built-in spare capacity of Roxtec seals allows you to add cables when you want. The solutions are suitable for different kinds of cables, coaxial as well as fiber optic, and in any size. The seals are durable, area efficient, temperature safe and corrosion free.

Explore the multitude of applications where you can benefit from Roxtec sealing solutions.