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Risk reduction with the Roxtec Transit Designer 4.0

Risk reduction with the Roxtec Transit Designer 4.0
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Should vital safety components such as cable and pipe transits be a design-based or a field-based decision? Roxtec suggests that designers and engineers take control of this issue by proposing the free, web-based tool Roxtec Transit Designer.

The design tool from the global cable and pipe seal provider simplifies the entire process that surrounds cable and pipe routing and provides full documentation. The latest improvements in Roxtec Transit Designer include a product selector to help designers and engineers find the right sealing solution for each application.

Easy way to save time

Other new, time-saving features are the ability to search on specific certification requirements and the complete tailor-made documentation that comes with each solution. It generates everything from certifications to installation instructions.

"Add to this the smart functionalities that have made the Roxtec Transit Designer an everyday tool for tens of thousands of designers and engineers worldwide and you have all the reasons for exploring it. Everyone is welcome and free to register as user on roxtec.com" says Mattias Persson, Application specialist, Global Marketing, Roxtec.

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