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New pipe seal simplifies safety work in the shipyard

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St. Johns Ship Building Inc. in Palatka, FL, ensures watertight pipe penetrations in decks and bulkheads by using the Roxtec SPM seal. When building the tug Delaware, the shipyard also used the seal as vibration hanger in the compartments.

"Roxtec seals have greatly simplified our pipe installations," says pipe manager William Mann. "Where I once needed three people to weld and provide fire watch, now I only need one."

Increasing efficiency

The pipe installation team used to weld in a steel fitting and install a screw pipe. This work took time, and occasionally caused issues with dissimilar metals.
"We are able to work much more efficiently with the Roxtec SPM seals," says William Mann. "We use them for the copper potable water pipes and wherever we can."

Saving time

Project manager Steve Torok of St. Johns Ship Building says the yard will continue to use Roxtec seals when building and refitting steel ships such as offshore supply vessels, barges and ferries.
They managed to save hours of work by installing the seals also as vibration hangers in already painted compartments. They did not have to go back in, cut extra holes, weld in hangers and then clean and repaint the areas.

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