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  2. Webinar on cable and pipe transit safety

Webinar on cable and pipe transit safety

Webinar on cable and pipe transit safety
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Poor installation quality of cable and pipe transits can be a potential risk in marine and offshore environments. Therefore, our sealing experts Tom Flader and Per Törnström will host an educative webinar – ”How to secure your transits” – on March 21, 2019. Anyone working with safety in marine environments should sign-up.

During hundreds of onboard inspections of cable and pipe penetrations, we have seen too many poor transit installations that do not meet fire protection or water-tightness demands. When striving to protect life and assets, it is crucial to have fully functional sealing solutions.

“It is like leaving a fire rated door wide open if you do not seal properly around cables or pipes on new-builds or after finalized maintenance work,” says senior inspector Per Törnström of Roxtec. 

Do not miss this great opportunity to learn how to ensure long-term safety.

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