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Roxtec presents a non-weld sealing solution for metal pipes

Roxtec presents a non-weld sealing solution for metal pipes
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Cable and pipe seal manufacturer Roxtec launches the Roxtec SPM™ seal. It is a light-weight, non-weld seal that can be used with any kind of metal pipe onboard marine or offshore structures to ensure protection against fire, gas and water.

"Our new seal makes it easy to ensure safety and operational reliability without any downtime or cost associated with welding," says Roger Johansson, Executive Vice President Business Area Marine & Offshore.

The Roxtec SPM seal is made of highly elastic EPDM rubber and fittings of acid-proof stainless steel. It is quick and easy to install from only one side of steel decks or bulkheads. The indicators that show when full compression is achieved are just one example of its safe and user-friendly design.

Flexible to pipe and structure

Thanks to the patented technology, the Roxtec SPM seal maintains a tight seal round the metal pipe as well as sealing inside uneven or irregular openings. It is available in 16 sizes, each of them offering an inward tolerance of 4mm round the metal pipe as well as an outward tolerance towards the inside of the opening.

The Roxtec SPM seal is tested externally towards A-class divisions in steel deck and bulkhead as well for water and gas tightness, and Roxtec is currently in process with several classification societies regarding type approval certification.

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Roger Johansson

Executive Vice President 부서 해상, 해양 유전 및 가스 비즈니스 지역: Karlskrona, Sweden
Roger Johansson