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Your maintenance team can rely on our expertise.


We can take the responsibility and play the role as coach, technical expert and supervisor for your maintenance personnel or contractors who install cable and pipe transits.

You can focus on other things while we enter your maintenance or repair project with guidance, technical advice, tracking, documentation and practical efforts to ensure the quality of your installation works. We can handle the entire supervision onsite, be your wingman on selected surveys or simply assist you from back office.

Speaking partner

We can also support you by putting force behind inspection reports and by communicating as experts with contractors and classification societies. We provide supervision training sessions as well. 

Supervision offer

  • Training for repair and maintenance personnel onsite.
  • Advice for class approvals and deviations in special situations.
  • Standby resource if any urgent transit inspection need occurs.
  • Support regarding advanced engineering, material consumption and estimates.

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