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For total control.


Frequent changes and upgrades with new equipment, cables and pipes being installed may have had an impact on your transits. In addition, a tough corrosive environment as well as material fatigue issues can impact the safety of your transits.

Our experienced team conducts visual inspections of cable and pipe transits onsite. Their objective is to see if your penetration seals meet the safety requirements of the classification societies. An inspection can be a full inspection of all transits or a partial inspection of a critical area.

Inspections offer

  • Full maintenance inspection
  • Critical area or partial inspection
  • New-build inspection
  • Transit insulation inspection according to classification certification and type approvals

Systemized documentation

The visual inspection report includes systemized documentation and detailed protocols to satisfy owners as well as classification societies. You also receive recommended maintenance actions and a priority list if several changes or corrective actions are needed.

Transit ID for easy tracking

In order to help you identify and control the history of each transit, we can mark it. This simple procedure with placement registration makes it easy for you to keep track of changes that have been made as well as to plan the future for each transit.

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