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Roxtec Transit Operate™

Operate - with total control.

Roxtec Transit Operate™

Cable and pipe penetrations are crucial for the safety level onboard ships and offshore units as well as in any construction project. Roxtec Transit Operate™ is a digital management system developed to enable complete control, documentation and tracking of all transits through the entire lifecycle of your asset.

Roxtec Transit Operate™ is created by Roxtec’s experienced sealing experts in order to make it easy to keep all relevant information on each transit installation onboard accessible and up to date. It provides instant information on the cable and pipe transit status. Use this digital management system to guarantee a very high safety level.

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Experience the helpful features of Roxtec Transit Operate™ (previously named Roxtec Transit Registry™)

Systemized transit control

The innovative registry is a digitalized part of the complete Roxtec transit safety services offer. The registry enables systemized control of the transit installation quality – from the initial installations to the latest upgrades and additions of cables, pipes and equipment. Roxtec Transit Operate™ has an up-to-date transit log and includes documents such as drawings, pictures, product data, installation instructions and certificates. Click here for more information on the simple pricing scheme.  

Discover Roxtec Transit Operate™

Take control of your transits and ensure the safety level throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

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