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  2. Significant savings with Roxtec SPM™ seal

Significant savings with Roxtec SPM™ seal

Significant savings with Roxtec SPM™ seal

Atlântico Sul Shipyard in Pernambuco, Brazil, started using the Roxtec SPM™ seal for their tubing penetrations. They cut costs by 50 percent – and installation time by 88 percent.

When building five Aframax for Transpetro in a series of Samsung designed VLCCs, very large crude carriers, the shipyard specified the Roxtec SPM™ seal. The pipe seal, which is created to reduce the need for welding and hot works, helped them save time and money. 

Cut sealing costs by half

Prior to choosing Roxtec, the shipyard made tubing transits for A-60 rated bulkheads by using metallic nipples and extension pipes. That work took many hours due to the fact that more than one hundred penetrations were to be sealed in some bulkheads. It was also hard to re-weld poorly welded tubing when it was located in the middle of the bulkhead plate.  

We reduced sealing costs by 50 percent using the Roxtec SPM™. It is no longer necessary to add welding costs,
Engineering coordinator Danilo Padovan of Atlântico Sul Shipyard

Two workers instead of five

The old method required a painter, two welders and two installers and a total of 100 hours to weld 100 tubes. With the Roxtec solution, two installers sealed 100 tubes in 12 hours!

“We reduced the amount of labor hours spent by almost 90 percent. We used to have five people for this process, but now we only need two,” says Haroldo Pessoa, instrumentation and piping assembling supervisor at Atlântico Sul Shipyard.

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