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Safer shipping with Roxtec

Safer shipping with Roxtec

In Poland, car carriers for 6,700 cars are built with great speed and skills. All parties involved – the ship owner, Ray Shipping, and the designers and electrical installers at Gdynia Shipyard – are satisfied with the Roxtec sealing system.

Quick and easy installations made today protect assets in the long run. The flexible system also simplifies maintenance and upgrades for new regulations.

"The possibility of opening up the transit in the future to add cables is the very reason we recommend Roxtec seals," says Captain Amos Cohen, owner's representative and technical specialist at Ray Shipping.

Ray Shipping invests in new ships with the intention of operating them for a long time. The 30% built-in spare capacity makes it easy to add electrical installations.

Certified protection

For safety reasons, all crucial cable penetrations are sealed by Roxtec. Roxtec is certified by all major authorities, and special safety tests have also been performed at the shipyard. Roxtec seals are used in the heart and brain of the ship: the engine control room, the main power switch-room and the bridge.

Installers want Roxtec

The installers in Gdynia are happy about the quick and clean installation, especially compared to the dirty and time-consuming preparation of compounds.

"Roxtec is a good element," says Jerzy Miotke, manager of the electrical department. "We save a lot of installation time, at least 30 minutes per opening!"

The ability to open up and reseal the transits is priceless also for the installers.

"We enjoy this feature many times during construction," says Jerzy Miotke.

We recommend Roxtec instead of cement systems.
Captain Amos Cohen, Ray Shipping

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Quick and clean installation
  • Adapts to cables of different sizes
  • Easy to inspect and maintain
  • Possibility of adding extra cables
  • Service and support on site

Project facts

Project description

Car carrier


Ray Shipping

Design, construction and electrical installations

Gdynia Shipyard

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof (A0, A60) and watertight according to marine classifications.

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