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Roxtec pipe seals onboard cruise liner

Roxtec pipe seals onboard cruise liner

Plastic pipes are frequently used and modular-based seals replace the sealing method of welding metal pipes on luxury cruise liner Freedom of the Seas. In both cases, the Roxtec sealing system is the solution.

Aker Finnyards wanted long-lasting and cost-effective pipe solutions onboard. A common issue on larger cruise ships is the wear down of metal pipes over time and the inconvenience of replacing old ones. To address this problem, the shipyard made test installations and selected Roxtec transits.

Flexibility and simplicity

Petri Kulmala, responsible for pipe installations, says the owner's specification requires metal pipes for the lower decks such as the machine room and utility areas. Instead of using the old welding method to attach and seal pipes that pass through bulkheads and decks, or using rubber ring plugs, the yard uses adaptable seals from Roxtec. Single or multiple pipes are simply routed through Roxtec units which can be closed and opened according to the needs during installation.

Plastic pipe firestop

The use of plastic pipes is increasing in shipbuilding. The advantages are obvious compared to metal pipes: better resistance against corrosion and less weight. Onboard the Freedom of the Seas, plastic pipes are used for fresh water and waste water systems as well as for cooling in the HVAC. The Roxtec PPS plastic pipe seal enables the use of plastic pipes in fire rated decks and bulkheads. It also allows installations to be made in a similar way as for metal pipes.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Less welding of pipes to decks and bulkheads
  • Easy to adjust and reroute pipes and cables
  • High flexibility for maintenance
  • Unique sealing and firestop for plastic pipes
  • Vibration damping

Project facts

Project description

Building of luxury cruise ship Freedom of the Seas in Turku, Finland


Royal Caribbean International (RCI)

Engineering, main contractor and construction

Aker Finnyards


Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations in decks, bulkheads, cabinets, security doors and gully traps

Sealing requirements

Fire protection A0-A60, water pressure resistance and gas-tightness

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