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Roxtec retrofit for easy upgrades

Roxtec retrofit for easy upgrades

Sprint Nextel upgraded thousands of telecom base stations – without any downtime. The wireless operator used Roxtec retrofit seals to ensure fire protection and to be able to add new cables next to connected ones in existing openings.

"Roxtec is a cost-effective product," says Marc Steinbach, vice president of operations at FMHC, the turn-key vendor of the roll-out of WiMax, Sprint Nextel's 4G high speed wireless broadband, in the Chicago area.

Risk of Swiss cheese

Sprint Nextel had to add up to nine large cables in their shelters to increase broadband capacity. But the port panel openings were full of cables, and the site developers realized that it was no use cutting new ports in the concrete. Labor costs rose quickly, and dust threatened all the equipment.

"Drilling is a short-term action without any guarantee against leakage. The shelters would soon look like Swiss cheese," says Curt Klausen, senior project manager at FMHC.

One-stop solution

The solution was to replace the port panels with Roxtec retrofit cable entry seals. Without shutting down the system, the installers were able to seal the existing cables and the new WiMax cables. The opening got capacity for up to 35 cables!

Complete concept

"Roxtec understands what this business needs today and ten years from now. It is the first product that accommodates today's retrofits and provides expansion capacity for tomorrow's technology upgrades," says Marc Steinbach. "Roxtec has thought about all aspects, even the free installation training out in the field."

Roxtec has thought about all aspects.
Marc Steinbach, FMHC

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified safety
  • Area efficiency
  • Quick installation
  • Cost-effective retrofit
  • Increased line capacity

Project facts

Project description

Wireless telecom base stations in the USA

Operator and designer

Sprint Nextel

General contractor



Cable entry seals in telecom equipment shelters

Sealing requirements

Watertight and protection against dust, dirt and rodents. Fire protection according to Sprint Nextel shelter specifications

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