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Flexible cable seals for gas insulated substations

All in one tailor-made solution.

Flexible cable seals for gas insulated substations

The Kotlovka 220/20 kV substation needed fire rated, gas-tight and removable seals for the cables coming up through the floor to the GIS room. Roxtec created a solution covering all these requirements.

As the sealing solution is quite demanding, Roxtec provided extra technical support to the staff of the installation company. Roxtec representatives held installation trainings and performed onsite control in order to make sure that everyone involved in the project was fully satisfied.

"Roxtec provided training and the cable entries were installed under the supervision and with the participation of Sergey Bril, head of the project department at Roxtec Russia. We are confident in the result," says Vanin Alexey, head of the project at contractor InjPromEnergo.

Roxtec experts responded quickly, and we saved a lot of time.
Vanin Alexey, InjPromEnergo

Flexible thinking

The floor opening had to have a removable transit. In case of emergency it must be possible to remove the sealing and disconnect the cable from the GIS. In fact, all seals and sleeves had to be flexible as the cable positions could not be fixed until after cable pulling and GIS connection.

Customized creation

The mineral wool with special fire stop paint that was used before was not strong, solid and gas-tight enough. And the removal of it added a risk of damage to cables and equipment. So Roxtec made special stainless steel plates in three parts to bolt onto the structure. Roxtec SLFO sleeves were then bolted to the plates, and finally the cables were sealed with Roxtec RS seals.

Cost-efficient solution

The sleeves were not positioned until the installation at site was finished, and the customized solution made it possible to further adjust their position afterwards. Roxtec solved all problems occurring with a safe solution that will not require any additional investments for the owner.

Why use Roxtec?

    • Fire rated
    • Gas-tight
    • Removable seal
    • Customized solution
    • Service and support onsite

Project facts

Project description

Construction of the Kotlovka 220/20 kV substation in Moscow, Russia

Involved companies

OEK (United Energy Company) and Enrgokompleks – owners InjEnergoProekt – designer InjPromEnergo - contractor


Sealing solutions for cable entries from cable cellar to GIS room

Sealing requirements

Gas-tight and fire rated for 45 minutes

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