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Safety seals for nuclear waste storage facilities

Safety seals for nuclear waste storage facilities

The HABOG nuclear interim storage plant in the Netherlands is built to very high safety standards, including resistance to fire, earthquakes, explosions and direct aircraft crashes. The Roxtec sealing system was chosen for cable penetrations in walls and floors in areas such as electrical-technical rooms.

The specification for the cable penetration seals was clearly defined. In terms of safety, it meant protection against the spreading of fire, gas and water through the many openings for cable. Regarding requirements for functionality, the cable penetrations had to be easy to install, maintain and open up for changes.

Long-term reliability

Mechanical reliability must be combined with a possibility to modify electrical installations. Marcel Israël, responsible for the electrical maintenance, says Roxtec presents a clear advantage compared to other alternatives.

"It is much simpler to use Roxtec, since we do not need any special tools to close the transits when we do the installations. Likewise, we do not need any special tools to open up the existing installations for maintenance."

25 percent spare capacity

The designers were able to plan and install for extra capacity. Roxtec transits can be opened up when a cable is to be replaced or added, and the adaptable sealing modules make it quick and easy to install cables of different sizes.

"We have chosen to add 25 percent spare capacity into every frame opening from Roxtec to have a safety factor even for unexpected needs," says Marcel Israël.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Easy to install, open up and maintain
  • No need for special tools
  • Flexibility for cables of different sizes
  • Optional spare capacity for future needs

Project facts

Project description

Interim storage facility above ground for all types of high-level radioactive waste



Design, mechanical and electrical installations

Areva NC

Civil construction



Cable penetration seals in walls and floors of electrical-technical rooms

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof (120 min), water-proof and gas-proof

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