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Retrofit solutions for fast improvements

Retrofit solutions for fast improvements

Turn-key vendor FMHC is helping major US wireless telecom operators upgrade their base stations. Roxtec helps them to do it without shutting any sites down.

Up and running while upgrading

Using Roxtec KFO cable entry seals around existing cables in communication shelters, FMHC ensures functionality for customers during the retrofit process.

Win-win situation

The operator, contractor, and installer improve equipment protection and increase spare cable capacity while reducing the size of the opening in the wall.

There is no viable option other than Roxtec. We save both time and money, and it seals great.
Tim Greer, Construction Manager of FMHC

Why use Roxtec?

  • Ability to increase line capacity without shutting down the site
  • Light-weight retrofit solution
  • Fast, cost-effective installation
  • Flexibility for cables of different sizes
  • Local stock, service and support

Project facts

Project description

Wireless telecom base stations

Turn-key vendor


Installation contractor



Cable entry seals in telecom equipment shelters

Sealing requirements

Watertight, dust-tight and rodent proof

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Roxtec products

These sealing solutions were used in the project: