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  2. HafenCity U4 Metro

Cable seals for flood protection

Cable seals for flood protection

The new U-Bahn line in Hamburg, Germany, is a key link in the development of the HafenCity area. The U4 passes under the river Elbe and the Alster basin.

Water above and around

Given the delicate location, Hamburger Hochbahn AG and the tunnel design firm, Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH, decided to go for a proven sealing solution.

Efficient water barrier

Together, they specified Roxtec cable penetration seals to handle the extreme demands for water-tightness, both during construction and in the future.

Sealing is crucial

Roxtec seals are used for efficient sealing of cables and pipes – under flood protection gates, into stations, and into equipment rooms.

Why use Roxtec?

  • High demands for water-tightness
  • Design and engineering support
  • Installation help and training
  • Fast deliveries
  • Multidiameter™ – adapts to cables of different sizes through sealing modules with removable layers

Projects facts

Project description

New underground line with new stations, tunnels, technical rooms and emergency exits


Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Design and engineering

Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH


Ed Züblin, Hochtief, HC Hagemann and Aug. Prien


Sealing of cables and pipes – under flood protection gates, into stations, and into technical rooms

Sealing requirements


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