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Tips & tricks

It is easy to install Roxtec seals.


Gather materials and tools

Gather and prepare all materials prior to assembly and packing. Select accessories and tools.

Prepare cables/pipes

Make cables and pipes go straight, not angled, through the frame.

Define the configuration

Packing space

Calculate the correct packing height according to installation instructions before selecting modules.

Start by measuring the total inner height H. This relates to the packing height of sealing modules as shown in the table.

Frame height (H) Packing height (h) Frame size
101 60 2
160 120 4
218 180 6
278 240 8

Select module sizes

You save time on peeling layers by using larger modules, but you get more spare capacity with smaller ones.

The example below shows how four 32mm and eight 12mm cables can be installed using different module sizes.

Component placement

If you plan to add cables in the future, you can save time by placing the spare capacity modules close to the compression unit.

You can place the compression unit anywhere in the frame, as long as you follow the installation instructions regarding the positioning of the stayplates.

If the wedge is not installed at the standard position at the top of the frame it is important to follow the markings on the wedge about stayplate positioning. If the wedge is placed in the bottom it must be rotated and the stay plate installed in accordance with the marking.



Warm up the lubricant in your pocket to soften it when installing in cold areas. It is an important part of the system.

Use stayplates to separate the cables

Keep cables apart during planning.

Insert modules

V-shape the modules to simplify insertion.


When there is no room for the wedge, pre-compression is necessary. Hold the pressure for a few minutes before inserting the wedge.

Make sure cables are not retained before compressing.

Partial installation

During installation, use the Roxtec module holder tool to avoid disturbing elements and keep your workspace clear of cables.

Partial installation_module holder tool.png

If you’re being interrupted and must leave your current task, use the module holder tool to keep everything in its place until you can resume your task.

Wedge removal

If the compression unit must be removed during installation, lift it over the stop flange of the stayplate prior to removal.