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Roxtec presents sealing solutions against constant water pressure

Roxtec presents sealing solutions against constant water pressure
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Roxtec clearly met a huge need when they developed the constant water pressure resistant Roxtec UG (underground) sealing solutions for cables and pipes. The company now follows-up the initial success by expanding the product portfolio with Roxtec RS UG (round seals for single cables or pipes).

Roxtec UG (underground) seals for cables and pipes are developed to protect sites and equipment against environmental ingress in both normal and flood conditions. By being resistant to constant water pressure and by providing firm cable retention, the seals form a strong barrier against water and humidity and therefore the risk of partial discharge.

Reliable and user-friendly

The seals are ideal for single or multiple cables and pipes entering buildings, underground vaults and substations via foundations, and easy to install even in wet conditions and in environments with running water.

Thanks to the innovative Roxtec knock-out sleeve UG, users can seal openings today while ensuring spare capacity for tomorrow. Roxtec UG seals are corrosion resistant and designed to prevent rodents and vermin in an efficient way – in order to maintain optimum operating conditions.

Roxtec UG solutions are available also in the web-based design tool Roxtec Transit Designer™.