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Roxtec extends high density cable sealing solution range

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Cable and pipe transit provider Roxtec adds two new versions to its popular range of Roxtec HD (High Density) cable transit devices for use in terminal boxes, cabinets and enclosures. Developed for high cable density applications with high demands for environmental protection, Roxtec HD transits help securing sites and saving time during design, installation and upgrades.

Roxtec HD transits are tested and approved to serve in extreme environments, and they are available in versions for ATEX, IECEx and NEC projects. The transits consist of AISI 316L acid-proof stainless steel frames and Roxtec sealing modules, making them adaptable to cables of many different sizes.

Instead of cable glands

The Roxtec HD 32 for up to 41 cables is already a success. The new versions are Roxtec HD 16 for up to 16 cables and the Roxtec HDLC for large cables up to 54mm. All three are available for Ex e/Ex tb rated terminal and junction boxes and fulfill the requirements for bonding and grounding. Roxtec HD transits are certified as a replacement to cable glands. They are quick to install, 50 percent more area efficient than traditional cable glands and can help reducing installation cost by 50 percent.

Space and weight saving design

Roxtec HD transits make it easy to seal multiple armored or non-armored cables in each opening. This is a great advantage in comparison to cable glands as it allows designers and manufacturers to reduce the quantity, size and weight of cabinets and enclosures drastically. It is possible to cut weight by half and increase cable capacity by up to 40 percent when compared to cable glands.

For further information, please contact Matt Roberts, Global Product Manager at Roxtec, by e-mail matt.roberts@roxtec.com or telephone +46 733 31 30 49 and/or visit roxtec.com.

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