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Apply Emtunga selects Roxtec for North Sea projects

Apply Emtunga selects Roxtec for North Sea projects
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In the Arendal Yard in Gothenburg, Sweden, Apply Emtunga is building the offshore accommodation modules to the oil rig projects Martin Linge and ETAP. As the living quarters are to be the safest place on a rig Apply Emtunga puts a lot of effort into creating maximum safety. One way to ensure safety is to use Roxtec cable and pipe transits.

The nine-floor high living quarters of Martin Linge are delivered as a complete integrated accommodation module from Gothenburg. It has three A60 fire rated divisions and an H60 fire rated bulkhead as partition towards the production and processing areas. The complex contains offices and meeting areas as well as cabins equipped with TV, Internet and bathroom. There are also facilities such as a little hospital, a kitchen, a dining room and two TV rooms as well as a music room and a gym.

Certificates showing reliability

"We use Roxtec Sleev-it fire penetration seals for all plastic pipes with drinking water and hot water. The reason for choosing Roxtec is that it was the only supplier that could present the required fire protection certificates. Everything in this project must have a minimum lifetime of 30 years," says piping engineer Mattias Öhrn at Apply Emtunga.

The living quarters of Martin Linge will under normal conditions house 75 people, but can if necessary house up to 124 people. The building will in total weigh approximately 2,000 tons when it is ready to be shipped on a barge to the platform off the coast of Norway.

Simplicity and efficiency

The living quarters for the ETAP project are, on the other hand, delivered as several smaller units directly to the rig off the coast of Scotland for final installation into an integrated unit on the platform. In this project, the fire rated plastic pipe penetration seals used are the Roxtec RS PPS/S. Ulf Efraimsson of pipe installation contractor Assemblin, is very satisfied with the Roxtec contribution: "It is easy to work with Roxtec sealing solutions and they work perfectly."