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Roxtec installation training

The safe way to secure certified protection.

Roxtec installation training

We offer installation training to help you ensure quick and high quality assembly work. Our aim is to spread a practical understanding of our transits and explain why they are used in different areas and applications.

The user-friendly Roxtec sealing system for cables and pipes may appear self-explanatory. We know, however, that you can gain a lot in speed, safety and security by letting us educate your installers and supervisors and provide them with useful hands-on information. Remember that no matter how good solutions you design into your project, you have to install them properly. 

Regardless if your installers are facing a new-build project or maintenance work, or if your project has EMC or Ex demands, we tailor such training sessions. We also recommend our installation training programs for foremen, supervisors or installation safety managers.

“Roxtec transits are in fact very easy to install and reinstall. You just have to be committed to learning the correct steps.” – Per Törnström, senior inspector at Roxtec

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