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Area efficient firestop for cable bundles

Seal more with the GK Multi-cable fire collar.

Area efficient firestop for cable bundles

The GK Multi-cable fire collar is a transit especially designed for entries with high cable density in decks and bulkheads in fire rated divisions above the waterline. Use this A-60 certified solution onboard your ships and vessels to ensure protection against fire.

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Seal cable bundles above the waterline with GK Multi-cable fire collar

Save time, space and money

The GK Multi-cable fire collar is quick, easy and safe to use with multiple cables, entire cable bundles and busbars. It is extremely cost-efficient thanks to its impressive fill ratio and since you do not have to separate any bundled cables.

Tested and certified

The GK Multi-cable fire collar is tested according to type approval test guidelines as well as to SOLAS/IMO regulations. It is certified by renowned classification societies and it is both RoHS and REACH compliant.

  • All cables in one opening
  • Quick and easy to install
  • For cables, cable bundles and busbars

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Facts about the solution

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