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We make a difference

We make a difference

Since our goal is to make the world a safer place, we have a clear strategy also for CSR, corporate social responsibility. We are determined to fight poverty by encouraging entrepreneurship.

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Watch our video from Kurumbapatty in Tamil Nadu

One of the motives for Roxtec to work with CSR is to make a positive impact on society with our business. Roxtec supports local initiatives, educational projects and sports associations. We have business agreements with social companies in different countries to give disabled people work opportunities.

Sponsoring villages in India

We are also partnering with the non-profit organization Hand in Hand to fight poverty in rural India. As sponsor of the organization's Village Uplift Program we support improvements mainly in five focus areas.

  • Child labor elimination & school for drop-outs
  • Self-Help Groups & microfinance for women
  • Internet access & grass-root level democracy
  • Health education & free medical examination
  • Environmental solutions for waste & resources

Positive impact

The program provides help today, and self-help abilities for tomorrow. The women in the Self-Help Groups speak with one voice regarding the importance of their new family-based enterprises:
"Life is much better now – especially for our children."

We have been engaged in collaboration projects in Kurumbapatty (2015-2017) and Bhilai (2018-2020) and are currently supporting a project in Mogra Kalan in Rajasthan until 2023. 

Progress in Mogra Kalan

One objective of the Village Uplift Program in Mogra Kalan is to fight poverty through entrepreneurship and help villagers develop opportunities for sustainable income. Among the activities that we are sponsoring are the formation of Self-Help Groups, SHG, for women empowerment and trainings in skill development, business development and trade as well as in financial and digital literacy. Entrepreneurs join SHGs and get access to micro-loans and a variety of trainings.

Healthcare and civil rights

During the Village Uplift Program there will also be mass awareness programs giving all participants a better knowledge of health and sanitation as well as a better understanding of their social and civil rights. A lot of efforts will also be put into the child labor elimination program, with a focus on increasing awareness, providing help for educationally weaker children, and identifying school dropout children. Children who are engaged in child labor will be brought back into the mainstream of education.

"It is wonderful to see how our contribution is used to enable a direct positive change for so many people. It is also great that the activities are performed in a long-term perspective and with ecology and sustainability in mind," says Ulrica Malmberg, Roxtec's Executive Vice President Human Resources.