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Maximized safety in motorway tunnels

Maximized safety in motorway tunnels

The tunnels of Roermond and Swalmen in the Netherlands are infrastructure projects focusing on safety. In order to meet the cable and pipe sealing requirements, Volker Wessels Tunneltechniek once again chose Roxtec seals.

"We have worked with Roxtec in various projects. Their sealing solutions are outstanding," says Albert Heldoorn, project leader of Volker Wessels Tunneltechniek.

The Roxtec sealing system is being used to seal pipe penetrations for the water mist system as well as for power, radio and supervision camera cables.

Higher level of safety

The safety requirements in the tunnels are very high because of all the vehicles carrying explosive and hazardous fluids across the region. One of the most challenging requirements when it comes to transits is the demand for extraordinary fire resistance. The water mist system seals in the ceiling must withstand 1350 °C for 120 minutes – twice the period that is usually required.

Cost-effective all the way

Thanks to the flexible Roxtec system, installers can handle all types of cables and pipes of different diameters and materials without bringing spare parts. At an early stage of the construction, openings in the concrete can be made and fully sealed until cable and pipe installation. After construction, maintenance is quick and easy, and there is no problem adding cables as future capacity is built-in.

"We can also count on Roxtec for local service and support," says Theo Meeuwsen, in charge of the installers at Volker Wessels Tunneltechniek.

"The quality of the Roxtec products is very convincing."
Albert Heldoorn, Volker Wessels Tunneltechniek

Why use Roxtec?

  • Fire-proof sealing system
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Adapts to cable and pipes of different sizes
  • Future capacity included
  • On-time delivery and support onsite

Project facts

Project description

Construction of motorway tunnels

Design, construction and electrical installations

Volker Wessels Tunneltechniek


Cable and pipe penetration seals in technical areas and motorway tunnel walls

Sealing requirements

Fire protection for 1350 °C for 120 minutes, watertight and gas-tight.

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