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Fiber optic system upgrade with Roxtec

Fiber optic system upgrade with Roxtec

Many providers of distribution systems for telecom, broadband and TV are changing technology to be able to meet the demand for increased bandwidth.

New and old technology side by side

The Roxtec sealing system presents a cost-effective way to handle both fiber optics and copper cables – and the transfer from one technology to the other.

Quickly and safely

Therefore, operators, like KPN in the Netherlands, who want to make the change quickly while ensuring protection against water and dust, use Roxtec seals.

Area efficiency

KPN also uses Roxtec because the system handles plastic conduits for fibers. And it allows for modifications on site as well as multiple cables in a very limited space.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Sealing of both copper cables and fiber optics
  • Short delivery times (within 24h)
  • Support and competence, such as help with optimization, design and product selection
  • Instant high and combined sealing capacity against water, gas, sand and dust
  • Flexibility including adaptability through Multidiameter™, modules with removable layers
  • Ease of installation

Project facts

Project description

New-build and upgrade of telecom and broadband connections from copper cable systems to fiber optic systems without disturbing operational reliability



Network engineering/network supplier



Darico Infratechniek

Installers/field design

Van den Berg

Suppliers/shelter builders



Plastic conduits for fiber optics through walls in the ground and copper cables through walls in the ground

Sealing requirements

Watertight, gas-tight and sand-/dust-tight

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