Ensure operational reliability

Discover efficient cable and pipe seals for data centers.

Ensure operational reliability

Do you know how to secure a data center against fire, smoke, flooding, humidity and rodents? An efficient way to avoid downtime is to specify Roxtec cable and pipe penetration seals. You can use them in everything from manholes and fiber vaults to data halls, server rooms and substations.

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Roxtec UG™ seals resist constant water pressure

Roxtec applications in data center projects

Manholes and vaults

Duct banks, vaults and hand boxes are possible leak paths. Roxtec seals for underground use are ideal for securing power supply and distribution as well as fiber vaults against the constant threat of water.

Data and server halls

It is vital to be able to expand while you operate and to manage high cable density. With Roxtec airtight seals in walls and floors, you upgrade with ease. You control the airflow and increase cooling efficiency.

Cabinets and enclosures

When you use Roxtec seals in cabinets, enclosures, panels and equipment, you can reduce the cable entry footprint and save a lot of space. This has enabled leading data centers to use smaller cabinets.

Safety, simplicity and scalability

Besides certified protection against fire and the risk of damage due to humidity and extreme weather, there are several advantages of using Roxtec multi-cable transits as a standard solution. The seals have excellent capabilities when it comes to managing cables and increasing server density. They are easy to install, inspect and even open and reinstall in case of changes. The seals adapt to cables of different sizes, so you are always prepared for upgrades which can be performed without any disruption. You can plan for extension with additional cables or pipes and thereby make sure your data center is scalable.

Why use Roxtec to harden your data center?
  • Certified protection against fire and flooding
  • Airtight for climate control and energy savings in data halls
  • Configurable design for designers, easy to install at site by contractors
  • Ideal as standard solution for ease of scalability
  • Easy to conduct visual inspection to ensure operational reliability
  • Built-in spare capacity for additional electrical and fiber cables
  • Excellent cable retention compared to other conventional sealing solutions

Typical Roxtec products for data centers

Roxtec UG™ – underground sealing solutions

Roxtec UG™ – underground sealing solutions

Discover our seals for protection against constant water pressure.

Roxtec Knock-out sleeve

Roxtec Knock-out sleeve

The Roxtec knock-out sleeve for seals and conduits ensures tightness prior to cable routing.

Roxtec GH transit

Roxtec GH transit

The Roxtec GH is a cable and pipe seal for casting in concrete or bolting onto even structures.

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