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Flexible seals for Samsung LNGC carriers

Flexible seals for Samsung LNGC carriers

Samsung has won a number of important vessel contracts with world-leading owner companies within oil, gas and transportation – and selects Roxtec transits.

All vessels of companies like British Gas, Ras Gas, AP Moeller and BP Amco have clearly defined requirements in order to achieve a high level of safety. Typical demands are resistance to hazards including fire, gas, water and explosion. On top of this, there is often a desire for practical, flexible and economic solutions. To meet these challenges, Samsung has chosen Roxtec as supplier of cable and pipe seals.

Excellent sealing solution

Roxtec is known as a world-leading supplier and developer of high quality seals. This applies to the high number of certified solutions for the offshore and shipping industries.

"The products from Roxtec give us lower handling costs as few items are needed, and our stock costs are also reduced," says J.S. Choi at the purchasing department of Samsung. "The fact that we can use the same products both for cables and pipes gives us an advantage."

"The support from Roxtec is always professional with fast deliveries and service."

Saving installation time

Roxtec Multidiameter™, a solution for adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes based on sealing modules with removable layers, is beneficial.

"It saves us time in the installation and gives us very good flexibility whenever needed," says T. S. Kim at the electrical installation department of Samsung Heavy Industries Co Ltd.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Quick and easy to install
  • For cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Spare capacity for future needs
  • Reduced need for items in stock

Project facts

Project description

Building of an LNGC carrier in South Korea


Samsung Heavy Industries Co Ltd.

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof, gas-tight and watertight

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