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Sealing solutions for Prague Metro

Sealing solutions for Prague Metro

After the flooding of 19 stations, Prague set out on a vast project of rebuilding and refurbishing its metro system. Roxtec was chosen to supply water-tight, gas-tight and fire-proof seals for the tunnel sections.

Previously Prague Metro was using compounds as sealing solution. As from now they upgrade to Roxtec. Requirements include 90 minutes of fire endurance, and chemical resistance. The most frequent cable diameters are 4-70 mm.

Sealing new sections

Roxtec round transits have been selected to seal cables in the buildings and tunnels of the new sections of the Prague Metro. Roxtec R transits and RS seals are installed in the sections around the pressure doors and in firestop barriers.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Reliable solutions
  • Fire-proof
  • Pressure resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Built-in spare capacity for future needs

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