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Use our tools to speed up and verify installation work.

We provide practical tools to simplify quick and safe onsite installations and reinstallations of Roxtec frames, modules and wedges.

Find out more about our tools below or under Accessories.

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Roxtec installation tools

Roxtec EC test stick

The Roxtec electrical continuity test stick makes it easy to check the electrical performance of cable transit installations with Roxtec BG™ or ES modules. It is attached to the cable shield or armor during installation to provide a resistance measuring point outside the sealing module.

Pre-compression wedge

This tool helps you make room for the Roxtec wedge. It expands to twice its size when the bolt is tightened. Leave it for a few minutes, loosen the bolt and let it return to its original size. The modules stay compressed for a while, leaving room for the Roxtec wedge to be inserted.

Pre-compression tool, small and large

This pre-compression tool comes in a small and a large version. Use it to compress rows of modules and stayplates to make more room for the following row and the wedge. It keeps all items in place during installation.

Pre-compression tool - Small

Pre-compression tool - Large

Handgrip pre-compression tool

With the handgrip pre-compression tool, you can compress the installed modules evenly while keeping them in place. This gives you more packing space to insert and install the wedge in a safe and smooth way.

Stayplate clip

The stayplate clip is helpful during installation. Attach it below the top stayplate to keep it out of the way until it is time to put it in position on top of the last row of modules.

Stayplate clamps

This tool simplifies horizontal installations. Fix a stayplate holder on each stayplate edge to keep each finished row of modules and cables in position. Work with them in pairs to prevent modules from falling through the transit.

Pre-compression eccentric tool

The tool has a 3/8" square drive to fit most types of socket wrenches. When turned, it compresses the modules and leaves room for more modules and/or the wedge. It is quick and easy to use and available in three sizes.

Module adaption indicator

This measuring tool for easier selection of sealing module indicates how many rubber layers to peel off to achieve perfect adaption. It also simplifies inspection.

RG M63 tools

Box wrenches for use with Roxtec RG M63.

Adapter tool

Adapter tool to any standard torque-handle using 3/8" square bits.

Roxtec wedge puller

Simplifies removal of the wedge and retrofit work where space is limited.

Roxtec module holder

The Roxtec module holder tool helps you simplify your task when installation work is interrupted or when you need to create space to avoid disturbing elements during installation.