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  3. Modular-based sealing system
  4. Packing space principles

Packing space principles

  • The packing height determines the volume of sealing modules that shall be utilized in a frame opening. Correct utilization of the packing height is crucial for certified product performance.
  • The packing height (h) as presented in the table equals the inner height of the frame opening (H) minus the required space in mm for the compression unit
  • The combined height of the chosen sealing modules must always correspond to the packing height (h)
  • Calculate the correct packing height according to installation instructions before selecting sealing modules

new_packing space_600x600.png

Measured in millimeters (mm)
Frame height (H) [mm] Packing height (h) [mm] Frame size
101 60 1 and 2
160 120 3 and 4
218 180 5 and 6
278 240 7 and 8