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Roxtec Software Suite™

Manage your cable and pipe transits online.

Roxtec Software Suite™

The Roxtec Software Suite™ is developed to simplify work with everything from design, drawings and certificates through to installation, quality checks and mandatory documentation. You save time, increase quality and optimize safety throughout the entire lifecycle of your asset. This set of interlinked software is useful for anyone working with sealing solutions for cables and pipes. You can select and buy the right seals, document the process and report transit status in accordance with official standards and regulations.

Discover the digital tools

Roxtec Transit Designer™

Experience the quick, safe and easy way to select the right sealing solution and design hundreds of multi-cable and pipe transits in just a few minutes. You reduce risk and save a lot of time. Use Roxtec Transit Designer™ to generate manufacturer-approved outputs just by entering cable schedule and sealing requirements.

Roxtec Transit Build™

Control and document the cable and pipe seal installation quality with this constantly updated tool for systemized quality assurance. Secure a truly seamless workflow in any construction process. Use Roxtec Transit Build™ when you need to report or hand over the result of your work to a future owner or user.

Roxtec Transit Operate™

Developed to enable complete control, documentation and tracking of all transits, this full register tool helps you guarantee a very high safety level through the entire lifecycle of your asset. Use Roxtec Transit Operate™ if you are the sole owner and/or responsible for the life long maintenance of the asset.