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Roxtec sealing solutions are tested and certified by all major classification societies and certifying authorities.

The transits have undergone hundreds of registered tests and approvals and received more than 250 certificates stating their excellent performance and resistance to hazards. We keep them updated here for your convenience.

Rating Components Division Cable Pipe Type approval name
Ex Roxtec B cast Ex frame Roxtec G welded Ex frame Roxtec S Ex frame Roxtec SF welded Ex frame Roxtec RS W Ex kit Roxtec R W Ex kit Other 22-06-18089/E22-06-043143/NB0002
Ex Roxtec CF 8/32 Ex frame Roxtec CF 16 Ex frame Roxtec B bolted Ex frame Roxtec G bolted Ex frame Roxtec R B Ex kit Roxtec RS B Ex kit Roxtec C RS T Ex seal Other 22-06-18090/E22-06-043146/NB0002
Ex Roxtec HD Ex frame Other 22-06-18092/E22-06-043149/NB0002