How to manage large power cables

How to manage large power cables

Do you want to learn how Roxtec solutions can help when managing and sealing large power cables on your project? Watch our webinar with high-voltage power cable specialist Rob Cullen of Roxtec UK.

Webinar on how to seal large power cables

Having contributed to more than 120 offshore wind farms around the world as well as to onshore HVDC and HVAC projects, we have both expertise and great experience in working with large power cables.

The energy transition means increasingly we are installing new primary systems from renewable sources to the local grid or between grid supply points, often over long distances. 

Avoid common issues with traditional methods of sealing cable ducted systems between the shore and the local substation by using our vermin-proof seals. You can save significant time since our installations do not require curing time and benefit from advantages within cable management and cable retention.

In the webinar, you will learn more on:

Design efficiency

Learn how to design customized seals for your needs and requirements.

Installation methods

Learn how to save time and increase efficiency when handling big cables.

Operational reliability

Secure performance and reduce downtime when there is a cable failure.