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We extend the successful Roxtec UG™ product family

We extend the successful Roxtec UG™ product family
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We truly met a huge need when we developed the constant water pressure resistant Roxtec UG (underground) sealing solutions for cables and pipes.

We now follow-up the initial success by extending the product family with Roxtec RS UG (round seals for single cables or pipes) as well as larger sizes of our other solutions for underground applications. We invite you to discover the entire Roxtec UG range – and to use the seals to maintain optimum operating conditions.

  • Constant water pressure up to 0.3 bar
  • Catastrophic water pressure up to 1 bar
  • Corrosion and rodent safe

Roxtec UG solutions are available also in the web-based design tool Roxtec Transit Designer™.

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