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Use Roxtec entry seals for animal mitigation

Use Roxtec entry seals for animal mitigation
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Rodents, birds and other animals love the safe haven of power substations. But they spread diseases, destroy sensitive equipment and cause fatal failures that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is there a solution to the seemingly eternal battle between the rodents and the substation industry?

"Yes," says power segment specialist Karl Mosbacher of Roxtec. "The thing is to use cable entry seals that are tested for animal mitigation. Often when contractors and site personnel are left with the task of sealing cable penetrations, they tend to utilize sealing materials that are readily available on site, but insufficient. Considering this, it is best for cable sealing methods to be a design level decision, allowing standardization with approved seals in buildings, cabinets and enclosures."

Karl Mosbacher

Risk of substation zoo

Traditionally, many contractors use spray foam or putty when trying to seal cable penetrations. But these materials are often not enough to stop rodents from entering. They chew the material in this weak spot until they are able to get into the warm building and even use the leftovers to build their nest inside.

Whenever there is an opening, rats and mice are followed by snakes, spiders and other insects. All of a sudden, the area with sensitive electronic equipment has become a threat to both life and assets.
"Cable entries have been the number one point of intrusion," says Karl Mosbacher. "Therefore, it is a must to seal properly by using proven animal mitigation systems such as the Roxtec cable sealing system."

Effective animal mitigation is the easy way to avoid costs for downtime, repair and rewiring.
Karl Mosbacher

Same cable sealing system

Karl Mosbacher recommends the Roxtec Transit Designer™, which is a free online tool for designers and engineers who want to ensure safety all while saving a lot of time. Designers can use it to select the right sealing solution and once and for all make sure that the same seals are used in all facilities.

"Specify Roxtec and save money," says Karl Mosbacher. "Effective animal mitigation is the easy way to avoid costs for downtime, repair and rewiring. The electronic equipment in substations, such as SCADA and switchgear, is getting more sophisticated, but also more vulnerable than ever."

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