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  2. Successful sealing of vaults

Successful sealing of vaults

Successful sealing of vaults
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One of the largest wireless Tier 1 carriers in the USA had problems with water ingression in underground CEVs (controlled environment vaults) in Atlanta, GA. Roxtec provided a standard retrofit solution to ensure water-tightness and continuous operation.

It is very important to prevent underground water from entering vaults. You do not only protect equipment and ensure stable services for your end-customers, you also save a lot of time and money when you can eliminate alarms for water ingression. Sealing is a smart way to avoid service calls and maintenance work due to ingression or flooding.

Increasing cable capacity

In this case, the challenge was to seal five-inch sleeves in a wall penetration accommodating coax cables, hybrid fiber and bundled fiber in various sizes. Roxtec solved the problem by providing Roxtec R transits with an IP66/67 rating. Thanks to the modular-based design of the reliable transit, the wireless carrier could benefit from numerous standard configurations and obtained the ability to easily perform retrofit work and add further cables to upgrade if needed.

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