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Securing Nodosa Shipyard's largest fishing vessel

Securing Nodosa Shipyard's largest fishing vessel
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The festive spirit was tangible at the Nodosa shipyard in Pontevedra, Spain, when the new fishing vessel Argos Cies was launched and ready to sail on October 17. It was a historic moment, since it was the biggest fishing boat ever built in the shipyard.

The electrical installations and the hydraulic system on board are all sealed with Roxtec transits.

"We used another modular sealing system before, but a couple of years ago we changed to Roxtec and we are very happy with the solutions. Our installers especially appreciate the easy and flexible installations," says Alain Rosales Quintela, manager of the electrical division at the Nodosa shipyard.

The fishing vessel belongs to Jupiter Fishing Company, which is owned by Armadora Pereira and Argos Group. It will go fishing squid in the waters surrounding the Falkland Islands.