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Roxtec HD cable transit devices

High density cable entry solutions for terminal boxes and enclosures.

Roxtec HD cable transit devices

Roxtec HD (high density) multi-cable transit devices are designed for applications with high cable density and high demands.

Save time and space

One cut-out for a Roxtec HD kit can accommodate up to 32 armored or non-armored cables, drastically reducing the amount of space required when compared to 32 cable glands. Improve space efficiency and cost-effectiveness by cutting weight by half and by increasing cable capacity by up to 40 percent when compared to cable glands!

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Roxtec HD 32 BG™ Ex - the high cable density transit

Ready for any challenge

The Roxtec HD is developed to provide environmental protection in the most harsh of environments and is available in versions for potentially explosive atmospheres as well as for non-hazardous locations. The device consists of an AISI 316L acid-proof, stainless steel frame and components such as Roxtec modules, making it easily adapted to cables of different sizes.

The indicators that show when full compression is achieved are just one example of its safe and user-friendly design.

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