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Seals for dancing fountains

Seals for dancing fountains

The Tsaritsyno Fountain is a great attraction in the romantic Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow, Russia. Water and colorful lights are dancing to the music.

Protecting equipment

Roxtec cable seals play an important role by ensuring the operational reliability of the electronic equipment behind the show.

Preventing leakage

The watertight seals are used in the wall between the fountain and the control room as well as for all the boxes containing pump equipment.

Roxtec seals are better in quality and price than other seals
Taras Svinarchuk of award-winning design company AD LINE Group.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Ensure water-tightness
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Useful for both walls and boxes
  • Openable for installation of additional cables
  • Repair work can be done through the frame window without special tools

Project facts

Project description

Fountain with water jets, light, color and music

Environmental design, installations and maintenance



Cable entry sealing in building structures and electronic equipment enclosures

Sealing requirements


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