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Cable seals in pole position

Cable seals in pole position

The Moscow Raceway circuit will be the first racetrack in Russia to host Formula 1. It has to live up to the expectations of a TV audience exceeding 650 million people.

High safety demands

The raceway is designed to meet the highest safety and technical standards set by the international Formula 1 organization.

Long-term solution

Since this multifunctional sports complex has to be operational at all times, the power cable penetrations are sealed with Roxtec seals.

Powerful water barrier

The seals form an efficient barrier between the ground water and the power supply system.

Why use Roxtec?

  • High safety demands
  • Strong sealing
  • Compact solutions
  • Flexibility for cables of different sizes
  • Installation training

Project facts

Project description

Construction of raceway circuit of Formula 1 standard


Moscow Raceway

Project design

Hermann Tilke

Building constructions

Stroytex-5 of Stroytex Group

Electrical installations



Underground sealing of high and low voltage power cables to transformer stations

Sealing requirements


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