Jul 9 2012

“Roxtec met the requirements”

Roxtec cable seals in Ex versions keep transits tight in the Lowell Waste Water Treatment Plant in Massachusetts.
Woodard & Curran, responsible for design and engineering, selected Roxtec solutions for hazardous locations for use throughout the facility. Electrical Engineer Scott Boone
explains why:
“We had installations between Class 1 Div 2 locations and unclassified spaces. We stated that the sealing method must meet that requirement and be removable for future expansion.”
High demands
Local bidding laws only allow generic specifications. The engineer or owner may, however, reject a product based on compliance with the specifications and drawings. The first product submitted by the electrical contractor met the fire rating requirement, but not the sealing requirement (C1 D2).
Impressive service
Scott Boone knew about Roxtec and the product capabilities. He passed on a little background into how it works to the electrical contractor, who formally submitted the solution for approval. Roxtec was approved for installation.
“The final submittal was shored-up by the coordination of the Roxtec sales team and our confidence in them,” says Scott Boone. “They had been on site to review the application. I also understand that they conduct installation training on site to ensure that this is done smoothly and in accordance with guidelines.”
Will specify Roxtec
Scott Boone is now a true Roxtec ambassador:
“We are now writing Roxtec seals into our specifications to eliminate any guessing work or ambiguity going forward. We will be ensuring that this product will be specified and called-out in all of our future projects.”