May 25 2012

Roxtec will participate in Eurosatory 2012 in Paris

Why are Roxtec sealing solutions used by companies specializing in manufacturing and retrofitting of military vehicles and mobile units?

- Because they provide EMI protection as well as flexibility for quick and easy changes.
At the exhibition, which is organized in Paris, France, from June 11 to June 15, you can discover how Roxtec seals help extending the service life of military vehicles and equipment.
The Roxtec sealing system for cables is designed to protect life and equipment, but also to ensure efficiency in both new build and retrofit projects. One standard sealing solution, suitable for all variants of a vehicle, keeps stock at a minimum.
"Our seals can be installed around existing cables and be adapted to cables of different sizes. You can open them up, use the built-in spare capacity and add cables for new systems. An entire fleet of vehicles can easily be modified for other uses," explains Dr. Tobias Jeske, Regional Director Central Europe of Roxtec.

Customized solutions for EMI

Roxtec seals are used to ensure fire wall tightness and maintain vehicle hull integrity in tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as in light mobile artillery. They are also used for cables and optical fiber in radar and telecom units.
"We offer reliable seals for potential equalization, electromagnetic shielding, and lightning protection for sensitive electronic equipment in shelters," says Dr. Jeske.
Roxtec regularly cooperates with designers and manufacturers to tailor solutions.