Cable and Pipe Entry Solutions – the Key to Safety and Reliability

Roxtec solutions are certified to reduce the risks of fire, blast, weather and other operational hazards for offshore oil and gas applications. Early integration of cable entry designs will reduce project risks and costs. Standardize with Roxtec multi-cable transits in drilling and production rigs as well as in FSO/FPSO projects to ensure functionality, protect equipment and secure a good return on your investment.

Recommended applications include decks and bulkheads, equipment and junction boxes where there is a demand for both safety and a capability of sealing large quantities of cable or pipe. 

Specify to reduce risks and improve efficiency

Project teams that take an early decision to standardize designs for cable and pipe entries can minimize risks in design, procurement and installation by using the Roxtec expertise.
Integrating Roxtec as your solution provider can significantly reduce design time, improve accuracy, eliminate mistakes and reduce overall project costs.

As your project resource for cable and pipe transits, Roxtec provides:

  • Complimentary cable and pipe transit design services – within 48 hours
  • Manufacturer-approved Bill of Material
  • Onsite installation training
  • Project support from cradle to commissioning.

Installers can adapt the solutions to a wide range of cable and pipe sizes with the fewest inventory or part numbers.  Maintenance teams can add or replace cables – in decks, bulkheads or electrical cabinets – whenever necessary.

Global certifications and availability

Roxtec solutions are approved globally and used by most oil, gas and petrochemical companies.
Whether you are working on a new project or maintaining an existing one, our products are globally available from local stocks.